February 1, 2011

Exhibition: "Wenn du nicht willst, zwingen wir dich"

"Wenn du nicht willst, zwingen wir dich" (If you don´t want to, we will force you to) is the title of my newest series of works which will be on display for the first time on Friday, February 4th through Sunday February 6th at the Galerie Schelling 30 in Munich.

These are the first 24 photographs out of a larger "work in progress" series in which I am working on a story about a very recent part of German history. The Berlin Wall fell when I was six years old, way too young to understand all the consequences. For many Germans though, it meant that the oppression they had had to endure was over. In my work I focus on the former East Germany's Ministry for State security which, by the end of the 1980's, had infiltrated almost every aspect of GDR life.

Also exhibiting: The filmmaker Mattias Write with 6 short films about the city.

Come by and visit if you are near!

(Info: Galerie Schelling 30, Schellingstra├če 30, 80799 Munich. Opening: Friday February 4th 7 pm. Opening Hours: Saturday February 5th 2 pm -7 pm, Sunday February 6th 2 pm -7 pm, download pdf-invitation here.)